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The seed that birthed Healing Nations was planted in January of 1997 during the devastating floods in the
Central Valley of California; particularly the west Modesto area. While assisting flood victims
the vision for
Healing Nations was birthed
. The victims of the flooding in west Modesto were to be the first children, youth
and families that we would learn to love and serve and be blessed to become a part of their lives. Over the
years Healing Nations has grown into the ministry it is today.  

We are a Christian-based organization that believes healthy development is both balanced and
multidimensional, including physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual components. We reach
out to youth and their families by building caring and supportive relationships, offering teaching that equips
and empowers, and partnering with the community at large. Our services are available to all without

The term “youth at risk” is quite often in reference to kids who lack the necessary support or resources for
normal adolescent development. They may experience barriers that prevent them from meeting the
educational, economic, or social expectations of their community due to issues like poverty, minority status,
and lack of family support.  

The goal of Healing Nations and it's volunteers is positive encouragement, strong relationships and
providing opportunities to experience the possible.

Healing Nations seeks to understand each youth on an individual basis with the focus on identifying their,
skills, gifts and passions. The strategy then becomes providing mentors, resources and time to develop
those skills and passions. The end result is a student with confidence, goals and a support system they
can rely on.

Fundamentally, our focus is relationships. We endeavor to develop healthy and strong relationships; peer
to peer, youth leader/mentor  to student,  and ultimately building a meaning relationship with Jesus Christ.

Healing Nations
Box 3395
Ceres, CA 95307
Our Mission
To transform the lives of (at risk)
struggling teens through caring
relationships and programs that support
healthy development on an emotional,
mental, physical, and spiritual level.
Our Vision
To reach out to the heart of every hurting,
lost or at risk teen in our communities by
building caring relationships and offering
opportunities for life transformation.  By
doing so, we hope to build better schools
and a healthier community..