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Serving outside of their comfort zone is what they frequently do.
Enriching and impacting lives of young people, bringing glimmers of
hope for today and a brighter future for tomorrow. These are the
volunteers of Healing Nations. It’s challenging, yet rewarding! God is
using them to change lives!

Every young person has potential. At Healing Nations we help children
and youth see who God has created them to be and to begin to build
their lives on the promises of God. Volunteers help young people
uncover their unique gifts and talents and to build their dreams.
Volunteer mentors have the exciting opportunity to be a part of
molding and shaping godly character into the young people that walk
through our doors. It is a life changing encounter not only for the young
people, but often for our volunteers as well!
Revelation 22:2  ...and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.