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few minutes the bottom line. Can we encourage you to make the sacrifice of time for our benefit? The
number at the checkout keypad. Some of you might already be part of this program because members
earn points as they shop to receive special discounts and rewards. Once you are registered in the
Something Extra Program, on the website you can click on the “Extra Credit” Button. After you have
clicked the button you can type our zip code (95354) into the search box which will bring up a list of
organizations that can receive a part of your earnings. At that time you can select the box next to Healing
Nations and choose what percentage you would like us to receive. For example, you might want to
support us AND your child’s school. In that case you would select 50%, next to each. Alternatively, you
may choose to benefit Healing Nations exclusively by selecting 100% next to our name.

- Register online at
- Register in Raley’s with customer service

- No computer, no time, or just need help??? We would be happy to help set you up.
Just contact our office at 209.
988.2814 or

SaveMart- The program at Save Mart, Food Maxx, Max Value,  Lucky, and Smart Foods is called S.H.
A.R.E.S. This program issues general cards that are linked to a Healing Nations account for us to receive
a percentage of your qualified purchases. We have cards available at the office. A card is all you need to
begin earning funds for us!
O’Brien’s Market- O’Brien’s uses a similar program called eScrip. To get started you can complete
registration in the store to receive your card that can earn us up to 5% of your qualified purchases.